User Section
Why do I see sub orders in my order history?
Any order you place on the site may contain items from different vendors. This implies that your order may have more than one suborder; these are shipped by the vendors separately. 
Why do I receive my order in many parts?
Any order you make can contain items from many vendors, these suborders are handled by each vendor individually. That is why your items are delivered in parts. 
What if I get my order in a damaged/bad condition?
The sellers are careful not to damage your orders after packaging and shipping them for you. If your order happens to be damaged, you can contact the seller for return options.
Please read the description and seller policy on shipping items. If you have any concerns contact the seller. 
Can I purchase without registering?
You must register with the site and login to be able to shop with the site. However, you can browse and compare items even without logging in.
Do I need to do anything after I receive the items?
You can login to the system, go to 'Orders' section and update the status of each sub-orders (if any) to 'delivered' after you get your items in good condition
Seller Section
I am a seller. How will I sell my products through your site?
To be able to sell your products through you need to first 
register as a user and then a seller. 
Can I sell the products free of cost? Are there any charges?
There are 2 plans to choose from, pay as you go, with no monthly fees, and Creative Pro with a monthly fee of $14.99. Both plans have a 3% commission. Please read descriptions when registering as a seller to fit your needs as a business.
How will I receive the payments for my delivered orders?
We use PayPal, the buyer will pay for an item and commission is automatically split between seller and site.

Can I ship items in an order partially?
You can ship your items how you see fit to not damage any of the items. Contact your customer if you have multiple packages or instructions.
What if some of my items do not fit into any of the categories in the website?
Contact an admin for suggestions on categories.
How will I display my portfolio to the users?
You can have a html portfolio or rich text page designed for publishing on the site. If you have any images on the page, please make sure the image URLs are complete otherwise they will not load properly. 
What is the 4 digit code for when I sign up?
Sellers have the ability to get perks as they come up for bringing new sellers to the site.

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