Terms and Conditions

By singing on to our website in any form you are agreeing to all terms and agreements. All terms are subject to change at any given time without notices please take the time to read and understand terms. If you have any questions contact us. Please note we refer to in the agreement the site is (Youneik.com) and the company is (Callida Bug).


Age Requirements:

You must be 18 years or older to set up a shop or purchase through our venders. With in the ages 13 -18 years of age to purchase from any shop with parental consent and supervision. 


Passwords and Personal Information:


All passwords must be kept safe by account holder and is responsible for any violations, misuse and abuse, spam and any other positive or negative activity with the account. We as a site and company will not sell or give away any personal information and take precaution in maintaining secure records.

Disputes and Resolutions:


In the event the site and company does need to get involved with any disputes between users, could result in legal actions, account restrictions, and or permanently banning. Another storefront will not be allowed by user.  In event of multiple storefronts being open could also result in restrictions of use.


Multiple Stores / Accounts:

Although we do not recommend, we as a site or company, you may have and maintain multiple storefronts.  All rules apply with all storefronts. All store fronts will be tracked as one user. Any misuse any situation may result in account restrictions and user information banning.



We as site and company are not responsible for continues use of tools and the site. We as the site and company do not hold any copy rights to personal venders / seller items being sold. We as a site are not responsible for venders / sellers policy and procedures and encourage communication before applying for dispute.  At the site and company’s discretion, we may discontinue any product, item or storefront that may be in violation without notice. Promotions and tools are subject to agreement and can be changed at the discretion of the site and company. The site and company has all rights for legal action upon any negative activity such as hacking or misuse of the site and company at our discretion.


Third Party Software:

Third party apps and software may be used to regulate and maintain your personal business use. We as the site and company are not responsible for usage, billing, disputes, or any activity used with third party. Please feel free to contact an admin if unsure of third party software.  Third party software registered API users and developers must only register with the site and company. It is at the discretion of API registered user for business practice.


Idea Submission:

If you have an idea, of how we can better your success in your business with the site and company, contact an admin and let us know your idea.


Seller Responsibility:

You as a buyer must agree to all terms and abide by all regulations at all times. We highly recommend updating yourself periodically with site and company policy, procedures and terms of use.

User URL:

You user name as you sign up will be your shop url. (http://youneik.com/store/username). This cannot be changed. You must also sign up as a user first before becoming a seller. 


1.       You are responsible for your own storefronts maintenance, shop policies and procedures, graphics, customer interactions and solutions.

2.       All product / services must be of your design and build. You may not sell manufactured goods. 

3.       You will not spam, misuse or contact any person without previous consent or interaction.

4.       You are responsible for any warranty and liable for the product /services you provide in your personal storefront and shop.

5.       You are completely liable for all of your account information, listings, postings and any activity you do within the site and company.

6.       You may not promote third party affiliates or manufactured goods within the site and company.

7.       All content must NOT:

a.       Have any misleading or false information.

b.      Be fraudulent with the use / sale of any item that is illegal, counterfeit or stolen. 

c.       Infringe on any Third Party Copy Rights and Copy Right Laws.

d.      Contain items that may be dangerous, hazardous or illegal items or graphics.

e.      Be obscene or contain illegal photography.

f.        Have any images not part of your direct listings.

g.       Give any personal information for yourself or anyone else.

8.       You many not infringe negatively publicly or privately with the site and the company as well as any user within. 

9.     You many not misrepresent any member of the site or company in any way.

10.   You may not be fraudulent and purchase items/ services from alternate accounts.

11.   You are authorizing the site and company to use your product / service for advertising and marketing.

12.   All links and referrals back linked to site or company must be in a positive manner.

13.   All websites with personal store front advertising  must not contain pornography, illegal substance or activity, or be obscene.

14.   You have equal opportunity for referral for new shop owners.

15.   You must always keep your personal information current with the site and company.

16.   You must agree that the site and company may have additional sales or promotions for your product / service.

17.   You many sell antiques items, if of the age of 50 years or older items.

18.   You may sell handmade or manufactured supplies to make or design other product or services.

19.  You are responsible for all legalization and tax information and records of your business. 



Buyer/ Shopper Responsibility:

1.       You may contact any storefront at any time for any questions you may have.

2.       Promotions, sales, coupons, policies and procedures are subject to seller / vender.

3.       Any defects, issues or disputes must be brought to the attention of seller/ vender before applying for dispute.

4.       Site and company may offer secondary promotions, which is subject to change without notice.


Any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions feel free contact us support@youneik.com


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